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The Plan
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Welcome to

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What's the plan?

Due to the virus we have to close our Sunday morning and meetings for the time being. This is a bit distressing but we will survive. Click on the button above to find out what we are doing.

We are all spiritual and all of us are on a spiritual journey. How we do this varies from one person to the next, but being human we can't avoid it. Love, fear, loss, joy, courage, hope are all part of what makes us human. If you want a place to explore faith, where there is space for questions, doubt and mystery, then journey with us.

You may have been to a church in the past or not.

You may have had a negative experience with the church or Christianity.

You may not be sure where to begin your journey.

Begin here, for the first time or if you want to start again, explore faith with us and journey into your soul and the heart of God.

We are about Faith and Action

In terms of Faith this means:

We are a Christian church. This means we are followers of Jesus and hold a trinitarian understanding of God.

This can get complicated (if you want) but we can try and explain/discuss this with you!

In terms of Action this means:

We try to live out our understanding of what God is like and how we are to act as followers of Jesus. We believe this is about Love, Grace and Hope.

We are also a work in progress so don't expect saints here!

More here!


You show what you believe by what you do. The link below will show you what's going on and some of the things we are involved with.

Faith & Life

More about us...

The Spiritual Journey

We are all on a spiritual journey. At CWBC we try to find ways that are interesting, challenging and practical, because a faith that is just escapism or theory is of little use. This page will tell you about our Sunday mornings and other things we do to help us on our way.

Faith & Life

Faith connects with life and we are involved in a number of community initiatives and run different events to help us grow in our spiritual lives, have fun and also make the world a better place. Take a look.

What are we like?

Churches can be funny, and not always in a hilarious way. This link tells you a bit about who we are and how we go about things.

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and you'll find out what's coming up, our contact details and some links.

Neil (AKA Rev Neil Roberts) has a twitter feed, for those who like that kind of thing.

Here's what we're thinking about at the moment.....

Last year, on Sunday mornings, we went down a rabbit hole looking for angels and haven't really come out yet! The angels led us to look at the heavenly realms, Heaven & Hell. This took longer than expected because there's quite a lot going on here in terms of understanding the biblical basis for it all and the other (to be frank) nonsense that has accumulated around it. Anyway, here's the nice poster we did for heaven and hell...

Incidentally, we did a bit of counting and discovered that when it comes to the spiritual realm the New Testament is far more interested in heaven than hell, not sure why some people seem to think Hell is the main message.....

So what's next you may be asking? If you're not asking, why are still reading this? To quote the vernacular, this is wierd sh*t, and people have questions. I have questions, you do, your neighbour does and that person who serves fast food out of a window. We've all got questions.

So, having dived down the rabbit hole, we find it goes deeper and we find ourselves saying, OK, so what about eternal life, who gets it? who doesn't get it? what's the deal with it? where am I headed? We know the church doesn't always have a good track record discussing this, so we thought we may as well chip in as well.

Anyway, we were going to do that, then a pandemic struck the planet and threw our tiny plans into disarray. So for now, who knows what will happen! Since Easter we've been looking instead at what it actually means to live faith-fully. A kind of manual for living the spiritual life in practical terms. We will return to the weirder Bible stuff when the world stops being so weird. You got to keep a balance on these things. But whatever our theme, if you want to explore what the Bible actually says and the implications for our faith and understanding of God, come along!

As well as the Sunday Morning Online we also hold prayers each weekday at midday and a communion service on a Thursday evening at 7.00.

Drop in to facebook and join in.

We are also doing our best to check on everyone in real life, please get in touch if you need any help!



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