Easter. Life begins again........

Good Friday

We take time to be quiet and pray for our community and world.


Join us at CWBC for a time of reflection.


Blessing our community. A walk of blessing around Chemund's Cross.

12.30 onwards

Vigil at St Andrew's Church

Lent & Easter

The highlight of our year as we enter into the story of Christ's death & resurrection.

Easter Day

Celebrate new life!

6.00 Early Morning Breakfast

Welcoming the dawn of new life with prayer and barbecued fish, just like the first Easter Day!

9.00 Family Breakfast

Eggs and cereals, bread and wine for the family (please let us know if you're coming!)

11.00 Easter celebration

Celebrate Christ's risen life, we'll also be holding several baptisms. Come along and hear their stories.

During Lent we set aside Thursdays as a day to Pray and Fast. You can come in and use the chapel or pray where you are. And it needn't be just food, some people give up TV for day, whatever has a grip on you! Use the extra time with God and get spiritually fitter.